Driving License Renewal for the Over 70’s

Renewing your driving license on line is very easy but do beware of potential scams. Ideally go directly to the DVLA web-site because if you search via Google you may well end up being caught out. At the top of the Google list are sites that look very similar to the DVLA site but in fact are offering an assistance service for which you will have to pay. The DVLA MAKES NO CHARGE FOR RENEWAL OF A LICENSE FOR A PERSON AGED 70 PLUS.

The following is an extract from Christopher Booker’s column in the Sunday Telegraph this week.

Needing to renew my driving licence, I put in a search for “DVLA renew driving licence at 70+”. Top of the list was a form which I duly filled in without reading the small print. Alarm bells should obviously have rung when I was told this would cost 90p and asked for my credit card details. But only when I clicked “confirm” was it revealed that I had agreed to pay £49 and further payments of £49 every two months (although the receipt for my payment still showed only 90p).

When I spent an hour chasing round various representatives of my bank, two said that either they or a relative had been caught by a similar trick. But I was also told that my first £49 payment could not be stopped, since it was for a “service” offering “help with filling up government forms”. There was nothing the bank or the DVLA could do to stop this practice and the only way to avoid further payments was to go through the hassle of changing my credit card.

Of course, I was an idiot to fall for this. But since it is apparently catching so many other people, I offer it as a warning to any readers who may be equally gullible.

Incidentally a member of my family was also caught out but after some communication with Santander whose Debit Card was used the £49 was refunded on the basis that no service was supplied.


Malcolm Ellis