Another Computer Scam

One of our Club Members has kindly passed on the following:

“I have today received an email from the Inland Revenue which looked very genuine with my tax reference at the top. I rang the Inland Revenue and checked my tax number with them and needless to say it was incorrect!  They will only ever make contact by letter and the young man I spoke to said there is also a scam on mobile phones and telephones.

I felt I should let you know as they wanted me to pass on this information to as many people as possible.  The main thing is HMIRC will only ever make contact by letter.

I was rather busy and didn’t check my laptop for the HMRC email until this morning, BT must know about it and blocked it because it wasn’t in my inbox.  So it is just on my iPad along with an awful lot of spam most days.  BT is my server and are very good about spam and junk mail.” 

Should you have any similar horror stories please pass them on to us so we can issue warnings for the benefit of others.

Malcolm Ellis

PS: Nice to hear something good about British Telecom for a change.