Another Debit/Credit Card Alert

Another warning on Debit/Credit Card Fraud kindly passed on to us with the permission of Brian Webb of the Steyning and District u3a group.

Dear members,

It has come to our attention about a scam relating to buying goods over the internet that you pay for by Debit card. ( Maybe Credit card as well!).

Everything seems to go alright until you get to the ‘verification’. What you should see is a screen as attached. If you get one similar but asks for other information please stop the transaction.

What follows can be a phone call claiming to be from the credit card company asking for more details. If this happens put the phone down immediately.

Leave things for several minutes then phone the credit card company and report it.

Do not let this worry you about buying goods over the internet as it is normally safe to do so, but just be aware that these things can happen from time to time!

Brian Webb

It Coordinator.

Steyning & District u3a

Here is the text from this months ‘WHICH’ magazine that comments on this scam:-

Scam watch: Debit card verification

After placing an order with an online butchers and filling in my debit card details, the Bank of Scotland card verification page popped up. I’d seen it before and began to fill it in, but soon realised it was asking for more information than usual. It had boxes for the 16-digit card number, expiry date and security code. I closed the pages and placed my order by phone. A few hours later, I received an automated call from the Bank of Scotland fraud department. The voice asked for the 16-digit number on the front of my debit card in order to deal with the problem. It told me I had entered this incorrectly and asked for the card’s expiry date. It then claimed I also entered that incorrectly and asked for my sort code. At this point, I hung up and phoned Bank of Scotland directly – neither the pop-up nor the phone call had come from it.

We say: This is a very clever scam that none of our experts have come across before. The pop-up emerged at the exact time you’d expect such a page to appear, and the phone call was well timed, too. The details needed to pull off this scam may have been obtained as a result of spyware being installed on your PC. We can confirm that card verification pages and automated calls from your bank rarely ask for additional card details. Report this case to the police and Action Fraud


Malcolm Ellis