More on Financial Swindles


Club member Terry Seaman has kindly passed on details of yet another financial swindle as below

Today have had a call from my bank – my wife’s credit card was compromised and was being used in Mexico – all transactions were blocked fortunately.

And forwarded from Terry’s friend

Apple iPad/iPhone Security

My dad took a call from someone saying that they were calling from Apple and that there was a problem with his iPad. They tried to extract his Apple ID and password from him as they were going to attempt to “fix” his iPad over the phone.

He then got an email some time later saying that there had been a £49.99 purchase made on his iTunes account. The links in this message were again trying to get him to enter his Apple ID and password to investigate these erroneous charges.

I spoke to him and there was nothing wrong with his iPad, nor had any charges been made of his account.

Nobody at Apple/Microsoft/online banking should ever call offering services over the phone in exchange for card payment.

You can read more from the Which Magazine people here…


Malcolm Ellis