Income Tax Marriage Allowance

You may be aware of the Government’s promotion of their Marriage Allowance give-away whereby the lower (or non-earner) partner can grant part of their Income Tax Allowance to their spouse so offering a reduction of some £200 in tax payable this year AND a refund of up to £200 from last year.

Well one of our members (who shall remain anonymous) wants to share their experience of this process.

“I had been reminded several times over the last few months but just hadn’t got down to sorting our finances out. Finally my guilt overcame my sloth so I trawled through all our accounts looking for bank interest paid etc. It was a long and boring process but in the end I had all the facts at my fingertips and was ready to proceed.

I found the appropriate page on the Governments website and dived in. After all my work all they wanted was just our National Insurance Numbers and the date of our marriage – it really was that easy and only took about 10 minutes – actually the most difficult part was a couple of days later when they wanted my telephone and passport numbers to verify my identity for fast payment of the £200 to my bank account. In fact I could have even made that easier by just leaving them to post me a cheque in due course.

So – it really is easy, do it now and get YOUR money back!”

So if you qualify – claim it!


Malcolm Ellis